Manage Connect/CloudCast Categories

  1. Manage categories: From the Administration pulldown on the right, choose “Categories”. From here you can:
    • Add a new root-level category
    • Add sub-categories by clicking on the + sign
    • Click on the x to delete a category

      In CloudCast player you can click on category to display Sub-categories and list videos in the category

  2. To add an image to a category:
    • Click on the category name
    • The option to rename or to add an image will appear
    • Save

      Display categories with custom thumbnails

  3. To tag a video with a category
    • Go to the Media Edit page
    • Click on the Metadata tab
    • Scroll down to “Categories”
    • Choose one or more, and Save
  4. To publish a Category to a player
    • VOD players –> Edit player page –> (left nav – Categories)
    • Check off any category you want to display in the Category tab of your VOD player


in CloudCast User Manual

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