Add Chapters

  1. From the Media Edit page, choose “Chapters” from the top blue menu
  2. “New Chapter” opens up a Chapter edit page with a Preview player
  3. Enter timecode or use the slider in the Preview pane to select your Chapter points
  4. Click the Thumbnail button to generate a thumbnail for that chapter point (optional)
  5. Click “Set Start” to set the Chapter starting point (required)
  6. Click “Set End” to set Chapter end point (optional)
  7. Enter Chapter title (required)
  8. Enter short summary, end time, and description (optional)
  9. Each chapter will generate a unique VOD Link that you can use to send viewers to a chapter starting point.  To find that URL:
    • Click on the VOD Links option in the left nav
    • Select your options in the VOD link wizard
    • The wizard will generate both an embed code and a URL that can be copied to use as needed
  10. “Bulk Add Chapters” gives you the option of uploading a CSV file with the chapters pre-entered, in the following format:
in CloudCast User Manual

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