Caption Translation

TelVue Connect has an optional service to automatically translate a primary caption track in one language to one or more additional languages for CloudCast VOD streaming & OTT. This allows you to extend your programming’s accessibility to over 100 languages, such as languages common within your community.

Configure Commonly Used Languages

The TelVue Connect Caption Translation service supports over 100 languages. Admins can configure which of the languages are available to your users for translation. This allows limiting translation to only those languages important to your community. To configure available languages, go to Administration → Organization Settings → Captions. Select the desired languages and click Save.

Caption Translations

To create translated captions for media, media must already have a primary source caption file that was either uploaded, or automatically generated by the TelVue Connect Closed Caption Generation service. The source caption file can be in any of the support languages, to translate to other languages.

For individual media, you can create Caption Translations in two ways:

  • Select the Translate Captions menu item from the media actions menu:

  • Click the Translate Captions button on the Media Assets tab:

To create translated captions for multiple media, use the checkboxes to select on or more media, and then select the Bulk Translate Closed Captions menu item from the Media Bulk Actions:

You will then be presented with a menu to select one or more languages made available for your organization by your Admin.

Click the Translate Captions button to proceed. The translation will run in the background, generally much faster than real-time. You can track progress of translations on the Activities Tab.

Viewing and Selecting Caption Languages

Once completed, the translated captions will be available for viewers to select in the CloudCast Video Player, and supported CloudCast OTT Apps. For CloudCast OTT, currently Fire TV supports all available languages, and Roku supports latin-based languages.

The CloudCast Video Player allows viewers to select from available languages via the Closed Caption CC button in the player control bar:

The CloudCast Fire TV app allows viewers to select from available languages via the world/multi-language icon in the player control bar:

The CloudCast Roku app allows viewers to select from available languages via the standard Roku Accessibility menu:

Downloading Translated Captions

Translated Closed Caption files are also available for download in WebVTT format via the Download button from the Media Assets Tab.


Users can track the usage of their caption translation at Admin → Reports → Caption Translation Usage Reports.

Usage information includes:

  • Characters translated historically, for the current year, and for the current month.
  • Total video hours translated.
  • Average translated characters per hour of video based on your organization’s content and usage.
  • Approximate hours of translation remaining based on available translation characters and your average characters per hour of video.
  • Total purchased translation characters.
  • Available translation characters remaining.
  • Translation characters used.

Caption Translation usage is also summarized on the Administration → Organization Settings → Usage page.

The TelVue Closed Captioning Translation service can be purchased in blocks of translation characters. Please contact for pricing.

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