Display mp3 Title while playing

If you have a playlist of mp3 songs, and would like to display the title of each song as it plays on your InfoVue display, follow these instructions:

  1. Create a template with both the mp3 playlist and the media to display.
    1. For a regular 1920×1080 screen resolution, initially create the template at 3840 x 1080 (twice as wide).
    2. Add your mp3 playlist to the right at a size larger than the output screen – like 1920×1090. The mp3 playlist zone must be larger than 1920×1080 because the ticker will display the title for the largest media zone on a template.
    3. Move the mp3 zone to the position X=1920 and  Y=0.
    4. Modify the template resolution to 1920×1080, The mp3 playlist will still be in the template but off to the right.
    5. Add your playlist consisting of images/videos at 1920×1080, in the position X=0 and Y=0.
  2. Create the ticker that will display the song titles:
    1. The ticker designer has an option to select Content Playing
    2. if you wish, you may add the next media/song as well (button to the right of content playing)
    3. Save and Publish the Ticker.
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