Example #3: Add Dynamic Elements

Let’s get a little more ambitious with the next template, and add a few simple dynamic elements.

  1. Open a Template Designer
  2. Name your template
  3. Add Playlist to Template. This time, we’re going to add to this template, the slideshow playlist we created in Example 1.
    • Search for the playlist by clicking on the grey Playlist toolbar on the right of the staging area.
    • Drag the playlist thumbnail.
    • Resize the zone to your liking. Remember to maintain the same aspect ratio as the pictures in the slideshow, or they will be distorted.
    • Place the zone where you want.
  4. Add Date and Time.
    • From the row of ADD icons, click on the calendar to add a Date Zone to the center of the staging area. Click on the clock icon to add the time.
    • This automatically opens the Date & Time toolbar on the left. Choose your preferred formats.
    • The Text and Zone toolbars also opened. Style your Date and Time fonts.
  5. Weather – Every InfoVue account includes an attractive live weather forecast, based on your zip code. This forecast is in the form of two MediaRSS feeds, one horizontal and one vertical. To add a live weather zone to your InfoVue template:
    • Click on the grey Data Feed Manager toolbar on the right of the staging area.
    • Click on the weather feed you want from the pulldown menu.
    • This will open a list of available Fields. Choose the Enclosure field, and drag it onto your staging area.
    • You should see a graphic representation of the weather feed, which helps you to resize and place the weather zone where you want it.
  6. SAVE, Schedule and Publish
in InfoVue 2.0 Beginner’s Guide

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