Example #5: Add Dynamic Data part 2 – Data Feed in a Ticker

So far we have only designed Templates. This next exercise will be to Design and Add a Ticker.

The Ticker Designer is similar to the Template Designer, with a few important differences:

  1. Tickers will always appear on top of your scheduled playlists when activated.
    1. Note: many users prefer the Ticker designer for branding, date and time, since tickers display across many playlists and therefore offer more consistent displaying options.
    2. If you plan to have one or more tickers running all of the time, it is a good idea to design tickers to a consistent dimension and location, and then design your templates to expect such a ticker running on top in that area.
  2. Tickers are managed in a different area of the Content pane. Under the grey “Ticker” bar on the left side of the Content pane, there are “Published” and “Not published” folders.
  3. Tickers obey different scheduling rules:
    1. Any ticker in the “Published” folder will automatically display on top of any playlist in your schedule, unless you have designated “Hide ticker” on any content.
    2. Any ticker in the “Not published” folder will NOT display, unless you attach it to a specific playlist.
    3. All tickers listed in the Published folder will play in sequence just like media in a playlist.
  4. By default the Ticker staging area is full-width, narrow band at the bottom of the screen (although you can resize the ticker template if you want it taller or wider).
  5. You have different media options in a Ticker designer:
    1. Fewer toolbars: No Playlists, DataGrids or Background Images, for example.
    2. You cannot add audio or video to a ticker, only images and text.
  6. Ticker duration is set to manual (default duration is 07 seconds) as long as the template contains no data. When RSS feeds or other data feeds are added, the duration will switch to AUTOMATIC and it will match the time required to display all the data in the feed. You can switch this back to manual by clicking on the pulldown menu.
    1. When using multiple tickers, you might want to manually set a shorter duration for each, in order to give them time to appear in the rotation.

To Design a News Ticker:

  1. To open a new Ticker designer:
    1. In the Dashboard, go to the Content pane.
    2. Click on “Not published”.
    3. Right-click in the empty space to the right of the “Not published” folder.
    4. Add → Ticker to open the Ticker designer.
  2. Create a new Feed:
    1. Click on the grey “Data Feed Manager” toolbar on the right of the Ticker designer you just opened.
    2. Click on the darker “Data Feed Manager” button to open the New Feed popup.
    3. Click on the grey “New Feed” toolbar on the left.
      1. Select “RSS/XML Feed” from “Type” pulldown.
      2. Name your Feed.
      3. Copy/Paste the feed URL into the URL field (e.g. the TelVue blog feed: https://telvue.com/category/archives/blog/feed/)
      4. Click “OK” button, top right to save and return to Ticker designer.
  3. Design your ticker:
    1. To add text, date/time, data feed, etc., use the same tools as for designing a template.
    2. By default, the background of a ticker is transparent. If you want an opaque background:
      1. Click on the “Shape” icon on the top left.
      2. Resize and Position your Shape.
      3. From the grey “Shape” toolbar on the left, define colors, border, opacity, etc.
      4. Right-click on the Shape to “Send to Back” .
  4. SAVE. Move to the “Published” folder to display by default. Move to “Not Published” folder if you want to keep this Ticker for later, or attach this Ticker to a specific playlist. Note: Tickers obey the same hierarchy as players, so if you want to display a ticker across all players, it should be created at the highest level. To restrict it to only one player, create it at a lower level.
  5. To attach a Ticker to a specific playlist:
    1. In the Playlist pane, click on the playlist you want.
    2. Under the Playlist bar, there is a Content and a Ticker tab. Click on Ticker.
    3. Drag Ticker thumbnail from Not Published folder in Content pane to Playlist pane.
    4. This ticker will display over any other media or template in this playlist only.
  6. To hide a Ticker from a template: Let’s say you have designed a full-screen template that does not have room for a ticker at the bottom. To hide the ticker from just this one template:
    1. In the Dashboard view, right-click on the Template to Edit.
    2. In the designer, click on the Properties link near the top.
    3. Click on the arrow at the right of the Properties window to slide to the second page.
    4. Click on the “Hide Ticker” option, under Playback.
    5. SAVE.
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