Example #6: Add Dynamic Data part 3 – Data Feed in Data Grid

The Data Grid offers one more way to present your dynamic data in a template design. The Data Grid presents the data as a table, allowing you to display several rows at the same time. This is particularly useful for information such as your HyperCaster Program Guide.

To display your HyperCaster Program Guide as an InfoVue screen:

Starting in the HyperCaster interface:

  1. Go to the Config → Scheduling → InfoVue Scheduling XML and choose some of the parameters to generate an XML feed.
  2. Copy the URL generated by the Feed Builder.

Go to the InfoVue interface

  1. Open a new template designer:
    1. Click on Data Feed Manager, and again on Data Feed Manager under that.
    2. Click on “New Feed” and choose RSS/XML.
    3. Name that feed Program Guide.
    4. Paste the URL that you copied from the HyperCaster into that URL field.
    5. Click “OK”.
  2. In the template designer, choose a background – there’s one in the InfoVue Library of a TV monitor, which works nicely.
  3. Click on the Data Grid icon.
  4. Resize the datagrid to suit your template.
  5. From the Data Feed pulldown list, choose the Program Guide feed
    1. Drag the following fields into the Data Grid:
      1. Weekday Short
      2. Start time padded
      3. Program
    2. Resize the column width by hovering your cursor over edge of a column until the arrow changes direction, and drag to adjust width.
    3. Change the number of rows and the row height from the grey Datagrid toolbar on the left.
  6. SAVE, Schedule and Publish.
in InfoVue 2.0 Beginner’s Guide

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