Facebook Live

Facebook Live has been added as a Feed type in the HyperCaster v6.4. Facebook Live feeds are considered experimental. Due to the possibility of changing APIs and stream authentication and security methods, streams from 3rd party streaming services are not guaranteed to work. You should also be sure you have rights to broadcast any such streams.

To add a Facebook Live stream to your programming:

  1. Go to Config → Feeds → Live Streams.
  2. Click on the Add Feed icon.
  3. From the Type options, select Facebook Live from pulldown.
    HyperCaster Add Facebook Live Feed
  4. Fill in the Name and Description fields.
  5. In the Address field, add the URL of the Facebook Live stream, for example: https://www.facebook.com/NASA/videos/10155497958441772. You can obtain the URL for a Facebook Live video by right clicking on the video in Facebook and selecting Show video URL.
  6. Save this feed, and you can program it for playout and recording just like any other Live feed source.
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