Getting Started

Log in to TelVue Connect, and you will be greeted by a series of tabs:

  1. The Dashboard notifies you any upcoming unfilled slots in your schedule, and of all recent activity such as video transcoding progress.  You can fill any unfilled slots from this interface.
  2. The Media tab is where you can upload videos through a drag-and-drop interface (or Browse for upload, on IE). ( Admins can see All Media. Program Coordinators and Contributors can only see their own.)
  3. The Moderation tab is seen only by those designated as content Moderators.  A Moderator can choose which of the uploaded media are really ready for air, and has the power to put a video on hold (“pending”), or publish it, or reject it.
  4. The Collections tab allows the Admin or Program Coordinator to manage all Series and Playlists in the system.  The Contributor will only see the Series to which s(he) has been assigned, and will only have permission to Fill it with Episodes, not to Edit it.
  5. On the Scheduling tab you can search and sort your schedule through several viewing options:  by channel, by day, by series, etc.  You can also fill your schedule from this interface. (Seen by )
  6. The Activity tab displays every action that happens under your account, including transcoding progress. (Admins can see all activity in the organization.  Program Coordinators and Contributors see only their own.)
  7. Contact Us displays contact information specific to your organization.
  8. The Administration tab is where the Administrator configures your Organization Settings, Users, and Channels
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