How do I hide the Audio zone in my InfoVue template?

If you are adding audio to an InfoVue template, either as a file, a playlist, or a video stream, you will want to hide the resulting audio “zone” from your final display.

You can either hide the zone by covering it up with some other opaque zone, such as a top layer image or opaque shape, or you can actually hide it off-screen. To hide an audio zone off-screen:

  1. Create a new template.
  2. Temporarily widen the template. If you are working in 1920×1080 HD, for example, widen the template to 2000px.
  3. From the Media or Playlist search bar on the right, search for your audio.
  4. Drag the audio on to your template to create a new media zone.
  5. Shrink the size of that zone to something like 20×50, so it’s easier to hide.
  6. Position the audio zone to x=1925 to nudge it outside the visible area of the final template.
  7. Resize the template resolution back to 1920×1080, The audio zone will still be in the template but off to the right where you won’t see it. You just have to remember it’s there. To find it again, widen your template back out to 2000px.
  8. In order to play smoothly, an audio stream should have a duration of at least 1:00. Any template set on “automatic duration” will adopt the length of the longest piece of media. So if you want a template to have a duration less than that of your audio, set the template duration manually (at the top of the template designer).
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