What if my InfoVue output is HD and my cable channel is SD?

Even if you are running InfoVue to an SD channel for cable, it is recommended that you design your InfoVue display for HD, and set the downstream equipment to either letterbox or crop that signal to SD.

If letterboxing, this is handled in the HyperCaster’s internal or external ProVue encoder.

If cropping, for that to display properly, you need to design your HD InfoVue TICKERS and TEMPLATES so that they can be cropped at the sides without losing any content. You also need to adjust certain settings in your downstream equipment.

Design an HD template for SD display (cropped)

  1. The basic InfoVue HD template is 1920 x 1080 px
  2. To help you design within the SD boundaries, there is an InfoVue Library template called “HD Safe with Guide bkgd”, which looks like this:
  3. Copy/Paste that template from the InfoVue Library into your own InfoVue organization.
  4. That template background will now be available to any template designer you create in your organization. To use it:
    1. Open a template designer.
    2. From the lower left, choose Background → Image, and scroll down until you see the guide.
    3. Double-click on the guide thumbnail to make it the (temporary) background of your template.
    4. Design within the “4:3 title-safe” boundaries.
    5. When you are satisfied with your design, you can replace the background with whatever you want: Color, or another Image of your choice.
  5. Save, schedule, and publish.

Design an HD ticker for SD display (cropped)

  1. Any TICKER you publish will also have to take into account the cropping downstream. To design an HD ticker with SD-safe proportions:
    1. Open a ticker designer
    2. Since background images are not available in the ticker designer, you can create a (temporary) shape to help you keep your content within boundaries.
    3. If you are designing a 200px high ticker (recommended for SD operations), Add a Shape of the following size and position:
    4. Confine your content to those dimensions, and they will display in SD Crop Mode.
    5. You can always include your Shape in the final design if you like, or delete it after all content has been placed.
  2. Save, and put this ticker in the Published folder, or attach it to a Playlist.

Set downstream equipment for SD conversion

The following recommendations apply to a fully-integrated TelVue broadcast system with:

  1. InfoVue HD output set as Continuity in a HyperCaster
  2. An internal or external ProVue, set to 480i with Crop Mode enabled
  3. If the HyperCaster/ProVue SD output is streaming to TelVue CloudCast:
    1. Set the encoder input and output to SD (to avoid distortion).
  4. If the HyperCaster/ProVue output has HD/SD Simulcast (requires SimulCast license), the HyperCaster will recognize HD output and leave it intact for HD output, while cropping for SD output:
    1. Set one ProVue output to HD for CloudCast
    2. Set one ProVue output to SD for cable provider
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