Input Locking

Input Locking (available in HyperCaster AIO v6.1 and above) is a way of extending a live event coming in on an AIO SDI Input over the top of an existing program schedule. “Lock” the Input event to stay on a live input beyond the originally scheduled out-time. “Unlock” the event to join the programming in progress.

To schedule an input event and activate input locking

  1. Navigate to Programming → Classic
  2. Click Add Input Event to open the Schedule Input window
  3. Choose Input source, define Duration and Start time as usual
  4. Save

Navigate back to the Dashboard, and you will see an open Lock icon in the Now Playing column of the channel you selected.

Click on the lock icon. A popup will ask you to confirm locking.

Once locked, the Now Playing column will display a closed Lock icon along with the name of the source. The main Now Playing area may update with the as-schedule programming, but will indicate that the channel is still locked on the given input port.

To return to programming in progress

  1. On the Dashboard, click on the closed Lock icon.
  2. A popup will ask you to confirm unlocking. Click OK, and the channel will resume scheduled programming in progress.

As Run Reporting

Locked input events will show up in As Run Reports with the Summary field showing either Started, Stopped, Completed or Missed. Click on that link to display the As Run Detail of that Event.

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