Odds & Ends

  1. Instructions for adding Twitter and Facebook feeds can be found in the telvue.com knowledgebase.
  2. Instructions for embedding a YouTube video are also online.
  3. Instructions for adding an Audio stream to your template.
  4. Feel free to browse the InfoVue Library for a selection of background images. To use these backgrounds, copy/paste from the InfoVue Library to your own. There is also a selection of Ad Council PSAs. DO NOT work directly in the InfoVue Library. COPY/PASTE!
  5. Aspect Ratio and Title Safe. In the InfoVue Library you will find separate folders for HD and SD content. You will also find some Title Safe templates in case you need to design your templates in a title-safe way. Guidelines for designing Title-safe templates can be found in the IV FAQs section of the TelVue Knowledgebase.
  6. Community generated info. You can give outside contributors restricted access to https://infovue.telvue.com in a way that they will only see and have access to the datasheets. When they update these fields, their screen display will update live. Refer to these instructions on how to create a Restricted User
  7. More Dynamic Data sources:
    The complimentary weather feed that comes with your InfoVue account is provided by Screenfeed.com. If you want to subscribe to any other Screenfeed content, or to other subscription services, you may deal with the content provider directly. The only thing InfoVue needs is the resulting RSS or MRSS feed.
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