Organization Settings

Before creating your user accounts, the Admin should take the time to customize your organization’s TelVue Connect settings. Availability of some settings depend on features available to your Organization.

Contact Us.  This tab is seen by every user, but can only be edited by the Admin.  Enter any contact information relevant to Connect users, such as the  email address or phone number of your Connect Administrator or Program Coordinator.  The Contact Us text area supports Markdown, an easy way to format text, embed hyperlinks, create bulleted and numbered lists, etc.

Organization Settings. This is done under the Administration tab, and gives you the following choices:

  1. Profile:
    • Fill in organization information
    • Upload organization logo
  2. Usage:
    • Displays remaining disk space
    • Choose auto-delete time frame to free up disk space vs. your quota and delete old media.
    • Set maximum upload file size
  3. Duration Defaults:
    • Choose default Episode duration tolerance that defines the allowable duration variance compared to the expected duration for Episodes in a Series. Default is + or – five seconds, but the Admin can adjust. When creating a specific Series, the Episode Tolerance will default to this setting, but can be overridden. Users cannot add Episodes to the Series with durations that fall outside the variance. For Connect Series Scheduling, If an Episode from Connect is longer than the Series duration by up to the “Default medium duration variance after” setting, the Broadcast Server may truncate the difference. If an Episode from Connect is shorter than the Series duration by up to the “Default medium duration variance before” setting, the Broadcast Server will play whatever continuity you have set for it unless something else is schedule to fill the difference.
    • Choose the default frame grab offset time that defines how many seconds into a video to take the thumbnail. Thumbnails are shown in the Connect UI itself, but may also be presented to viewers in the CloudCast Video Player and OTT Apps. The default is 10 seconds.
  4. Broadcast Servers:  Displays a list of connected TelVue HyperCaster broadcast servers for which Connect can distribute and schedule broadcast media. (Not to be confused with the list of connected Channels.  You might be scheduling several channels on the same server. The Channel listings are found in the pulldown under the Administration tab, under “Channels”.) Editing a specific Broadcast server allows choosing the Automatic Distribution setting that defines whether to automatically enqueue a distribution for every video uploaded.
  5. Publishing/Moderation:  If you check the “Moderate new Contributors” option, when adding new Contributors, the form will default to having “This user’s content is moderated” checked on.
  6. EULA:  This is where the Administrator can put in an End User License Agreement, and choose whether or not to require Connect users to sign off on it before proceeding.
  7. Transcoding Presets: Displays a list of available transcoding presets. This may include presets for both Broadcast and Streaming workflows depending on the features available. The Auto-Transcode pulldown allows setting Organization-wide rules for whether uploaded videos automatically transcode to that preset – never, always, or on source-quality match (when the source resolution matches the preset resolution). The Organization-wide transcoding rules may be overridden by Auto-Transcode rules defined for specific Users.
  8. Metadata: Whether the Assign Categories feature is enabled that allows assigning specific categories to contributors to limit the available list of categories a contributors sees when editing metadata for their videos. Otherwise all contributors will see all categories.
  9. Features: Displays all of the available Connect features and whether each one is enabled for the Organization.
  10. Captions: Allows setting behavior and defaults for Automatic Closed Captioning. Settings include:
    • Whether automatically generated and uploaded captioning should be embedded in Broadcast transcodes.
    • Whether captions should be automatically generated for all uploaded videos.
    • Default settings for captioning Smart Formatting, Profanity Filter, and Custom Language Models & Weight.
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