Recurring Events

When programming a Playout, Stream, Input, or other Event, there is an option to repeat that event at regular intervals. 

Schedule Recurrence

  • Days of the Week – Check one or more boxes to the right of the day of the week to have the file play on that day at the specified time. To play the file every day, click Daily, which will check all the boxes. To uncheck all the boxes, click None. There is a one-year limit on recurring playouts.
  • Until Date – Use a Calendar icon to select the last day for the recurring playout. If you are playing the file on several days of the week, it will play on the last day up to and including the date you select. There is a one-year limit on recurring playouts.

View Recurrence

  • To see the recurrence schedule of a content file, select that file
  • Go to the Events tab
  • The Recurring Events table will show the schedule rule for the recurring event

  • You can Cancel the entire recurring event, or Edit under the Actions. Editing will show the individual events where you can individually modify or unschedule, or unschedule all.

  • You can also view and edit a recurring schedule from the Classic Programming page. Under the Recur column, click the Yes link on a recurring event to open the schedule of each associated event.

Edit a Recurring Event

Modifying a recurring event will bring up a prompt asking if the user wants to change all events in the recurrence, or just the one event.

If a single event is changed without updating the entire recurrence, the event will be removed from the recurrence schedule excluding it from further changes to that recurrence.

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