Series Syndication

A Series is a collection of videos known as Episodes. You can syndicate an entire Series through the TelVue Connect Media Exchange.   An Affiliate who subscribes to a Syndicated Series will automatically get new episodes as these are added to the Media Exchange by the Syndicator.

To create a Series:

1. Navigate to the “Series” tab

2. Click on “New Series”, and fill in some basic fields (screen left):

  • Name of the Series
  • Description.  (Remember, this field will help people search for your Series in Connect.  Include relevant details.)
  • Duration, in HH:MM:SS.  The Administrator determines the margin of tolerance — that is, whether this Series will accept a video that may be a shorter or longer than the assigned time slot.




3. Save, and you have created a Series. But that Series is an empty placeholder until you assign specific videos to that Series as Episodes.


Fill the Series with Episodes

In the Series tab, navigate to the Series to which you want to upload new Episodes, select the “Episodes” option under the pulldown arrow on the right side, and you will see the upload interface:

Drag and drop one or more videos.  If you want to create an Episode for this Series using a video that already exists in the Media Library, you can “Add from Media Library”, and it will take you to a list of usable Media.

(Tip: A useful filter on that page is the “Videos that fit this series’ slots” option, which narrows the choices to only videos that match the episode length for that particular series.)

Syndicate the Series

Series can be syndicated by checking off the “Syndicate (share this series)” option in the Edit Series page.  In order to syndicate a Series, each individual episode must also be syndicated.

MediaXseriestabThe Series then shows up in the “Series” tab of the Media Exchange.  When an Affiliate chooses to license this series, all episodes will show up in their Media Library, and the Series will show up in their Series tab.  As new episodes are syndicated, these will automatically be transferred to the Affiliate’s Media Library.

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