Tour of Template Designer

The template designer is the key to making your InfoVue displays unique.

To open a Template Designer: Right-click in the right half of the Content pane. Choose Add → Template to open the template designer window. The numbered regions are, briefly:

  1. Add Text, Shape, Date and Time, and a Data Grid to your template designer.
    Clicking on any of these icons will create that zone in the center of your staging area, which you will then design and resize the way you want.
  2. Click on any of the grey toolbars on the left to open up additional design options for each element, such as resizing a zone, changing font styles, defining border and opacity of shapes, and choosing a background.
  3. Template properties across the top include:
    1. Name (required)
    2. Dimensions
      1. Note: ​best to match your player output dimensions where possible. For example if your player is outputting 1080p, your templates would be 1920×1080.
    3. Duration – length of time this template stays on the screen. Default for a template is 20 seconds. If you have embedded a playlist, video, or audio into your template, it will automatically adjust duration to the longest embedded media.
    4. A slider to zoom in and out of the staging area.
    5. Once you have Saved a Template, you will see an additional “Properties” link at the top.
  4. SAVE your work as you go along. There is no auto-save.
  5. The grey toolbars on the right give you access to elements which you can drag onto your template such as Top Layer images, uploaded media, playlists, and most importantly, Data Feeds.
  6. The central part of the screen is the Staging area where you will design your template.
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