Understand the Hierarchy

It is important to understand Groups and Sub-groups in the Player pane.

An InfoVue account is typically organized with the content at the Group level, and the players in Sub-groups. A Sub-group is used when there is a need to have different schedules for different players.

Many groups use one player for Live and one for Preview. Some groups, like a school district, might assign a sub-group to each school in the district. Each sub-group could then have its own Live and Preview sub-sub-groups.

All content and playlists that exist at the higher level can be SHARED by all sub-groups. Content or playlists in a sub-group CANNOT be used by another sub-group. User accounts can be assigned to the appropriate group or sub-group to manage content and scheduling at that level.

You know what level you’re working on by the breadcrumb trail at the top of each pane.

in InfoVue 2.0 Beginner’s Guide

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