Upload and Transcode Content

Upload Single Videos

There are two ways to upload content to Connect:

  1. Into the Media Library for later scheduling, or
  2. Directly into a Series.

(Note: In Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, you can drag-and-drop multiple files to upload.  In IE, use the “Upload” button to choose your media.  In Chrome, you can bulk upload an entire folder of videos.  You can also upload the VIDEO_TS folder directly from a DVD.)

Option 1 – Upload Video into the Media Library: Inside the Media tab, simply drag-and-drop your video(s).

(Note: individual Contributors can only see their own “My Media” library.  The “All Media” Library is visible only to Program Coordinators and Administrators.)

Option 2 – Upload Video as an Episode directly into a Series:  In the Series tab, navigate to the Series to which you want to upload new Episodes, click on the thumbnail, and you will see the upload interface:

Drag and drop one or more videos.  If you want to create an Episode for this Series using a video that already exists in the Media Library, you can “Add from Media Library”, and it will take you to a list of usable Media.

(Tip: A useful filter on that page is the “Videos that fit this series’ slots” option, which narrows the choices to only videos that match the episode length for that particular series.)

Once a video has been uploaded, you can add the metadata even while Connect starts the automatic transcode to your specs.  The transcoding specs can only be set by a TelVue administrator, based on your requirements.  You can view the transcoding progress in the Activity tab that shows all activity, the Activity sub tab on Media Edit that shows just the activity for that item, or on the Dashboard Recent Activity. If the transcode fails for any reason you will get e-mail notification based on your Email Notification settings.

As the video gets transcoded, Connect simultaneously creates a preview version of the content, which can be accessed from both the Media index or the Media edit screens:

Upload a DVD

  • In Chrome, drag the VIDEO_TS folder on to the Connect media-upload page.
  • In other browsers, drop only the contents of the VIDEO_TS folder onto Connect’s media-upload page. In other words, open the VIDEO_TS folder, highlight everything, then drag that onto the page.

While uploading a DVD, you should see a single upload-progress bar. If you see multiple progress bars, the files are being uploaded individually; not as a DVD.  This means our system did not detect a valid DVD inside the VIDEO_TS folder.  Our system must find at least these two IFO files: VIDEO_TS.IFO, VTS_01_0.IFO, as well as all content VOB’s, for example, VTS_01_1.VOB, VTS_01_2.VOB, etc. and those files must be from a valid, functioning DVD.

Connect will stitch the files into a single video in the background. Please be patient while this process happens. You may not see progress in the Activity page right away.

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